The Plan

 >>>in detail

Doors to the clubhouse will open two times a year, in January, & again mid-year. While the doors are closed, no new paid subscription members will be accepted, but a waitlist will be provided for potential members. Notifications will be sent out before doors open, when doors open & right before doors close. There will be PLENTY of notification during open enrollment. That being said, open enrollment ONLY lasts three (3) days.

The FREE Facebook Community is always open, just answer the questions & we’ll get you in ASAP. 

The Ugly Art Club is a recurring subscription service based @ $19 per month, billable on the same day each month that you sign up. Included in the subscription is (at least) three (3) videos per month with room for more. Each Founder (Tiffany, Kristin & DeeDee) will provide a video every month to be released on separate Sundays.  Most times a Guest Artist will be invited to provide a fourth video. Monthly themes will be provided to inspire club members & founder videos alike to create MORE art. Should members participate & use proper tagging, a randomly drawn prize is awarded each month. There is also a monthly LIVE Zoom Meeting (The Campfire Chat) where attendees can talk freely about the month’s inspiration, art & other life projects or anything else that strikes the mood. Monthly videos & lives available to paid subscriptions via the teachable service.

Most of all TUAC is a gathering place, a dedicated meeting space hosted on Facebook that provides a supportive & healthy community for anyone seeking inspiration, for anyone seeking a place to share their work unjudged & unscripted, for anyone needing comradery in their art-ventures.

The inspirational videos are hosted on The Ugly Art Club’s teachable. Current subscription opens up the past library of inspiration.


 >>>frequently asked questions & their answers

 >>How do I contact TUAC?
Shoot us an email >>>

>>What IS TUAC?
The Ugly Art Club is a dual part community. 1/2 subscription-based teachable inspiration & 1/2 open clubhouse style community held in a facebook group.

>>How do I pay for TUAC?
Doors open 2x a year & when you sign up, you enroll in an autopay service that deducts $19 from your account of choice at the beginning of every month.

>>What is included in the TUAC subscription?
– A minimum of 3 monthly videos showcasing ways to approach the theme.
– A monthly campfire chat where honest & open discussions are held.
– Monthly guest artists
– Access to past library of over 100 mixed media tutorials
– Access to in person retreats
– Access to LIVE playdates
– SWAG : a mix of physical & digital prizes

>>What is included in the free aspect of TUAC?
– A safe place to share you & your art wherever you may be on your artistic journey.
– A monthly theme to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.
– SWAG : digital prizes to collect!

>>What if I want to end my TUAC subscription?
Login to your teachable account, find settings & subscription or auto pay services, end The Ugly Art Club subscription. Due to the digital nature of TUAC, no refunds will be issued. Thank you for understanding.

>>How do I access the group?
The facebook group is an open but safe space & can be found here.

>>What can I post in the group?
Anything that is NON-HATE or DISCRIMINATION related. We do not tolerate hate speech, racism, sexism, hate against religions or any other form of discrimination. Also, NO BULLYING. If you disagree with something you see, just move on. You have a scroll button, the same as the next gal/guy/he/she/they. Please do not post in TUAC to promote your store, a company, sell anything etc.

>>Where can I find the videos?
Videos will be posted in Teachable on Sundays. They are for subscribing Ugly Art Club members only. You can access them via The Ugly Art Club’s school in your teachable account..

>>Do I need to be a member to benefit from the club?
Technically NO! You can interact with TUAC on instagram, post in the facebook group, occasionally be featured, get some love from the founders, etc. There is also a 5 Minute challenge sponsored by TUAC 3 times a year COMPLETELY FREE on instagram. The main goal of TUAC & the Founders is just to MAKE MORE ART & inspire you to MAKE MORE ART. The inspirational videos are a bonus.




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