The Mission

the job of the founders is

To provide a safe space for you & your art via facebook group. No judgements. No requirements . A Clubhouse if you will ;)♥

To celebrate that you showed up! in whatever art venture capacity brings you to The Ugly Art Club.

To aid in expanding your knowledge via inspirational videos, posts, comments &/or other avenues.

To share inspirations, experimentations, new avenues of art, ways to branch out & more!

To build an all inclusive community. no hate, no discriminations, no exceptions.

Tiff Says

The Ugly Art Club is the essence of community and showing up through the struggles, the fun and the freedom. It is a community of supportive inclusive and creative beings, all there to be more present and make more art. UGLY is a word we use to say it can be raw, organic and not instagram worthy, you can be and it can be just as you are.

Kristin Says

Super honored to be a part of the club. To me, TUAC means connecting with a group of creatives a little more deeply. A safe place to be accepted for who I am and what I create without the boundaries of whether my art is good enough. I am accepted. I am supported. The Club is all inclusive so not bound by one particular medium or type of art. I love seeing the posts and shares within the group- just makes me happy! And we are just getting started….

DeeDee Says

The club is a place for all makers to gather. For everyone to be present, for themeselves & their art. It’s an excuse to make more! & the diversity and acceptance that comes from a place of like mindedness fuels more creativity. I’m ecstatic to inspire others to grow in their journey & just as delighted to grow in my own.