Next Open Enrollment : 01/01/2022

The Founders

Tiffany Goff-Smith | Kristin Peterson | DeeDee Catron <<<

3 artists who just want to make art
& inspire YOU to make art
by saying “Hey, it’s ok if it’s ugly”
“because ugly art is still art.”
“& you showed up… for YOU!”

The Mission

>>>Our Job Is

>to provide a safe space for you & your art
>to celebrate that you showed up
>to aid in expanding your knowledge
>to share inspiration, experimentation & more
>to build an all inclusive community

The Clubhouse

What you can expect <<<

  • A dedicated private meeting space (facebook group)
  • A supportive & healthy community
  • Monthly themes
  • Weekly coordinating inspirational videos
  • 3 unique views on showing up & creating for YOU
  • A monthly campfire discussion – LIVE
  • SWAG
  • Community spotlight
  • Guest appearances
  • Founding Members Pin (for Sep 2021 members only)

The Plan

>>>How It Works

>Club doors open 3 times a year
>In the meantime a waiting list is available
>There will be plenty of notification
>Open enrollment will last 3 days
>TUAC is a recurring subscription service
>$13 USD per month – billable on the 1st